S. For and . Ansp, (C) sm /S) which is by definition given by -for U/S a smooth morphism

, (C)/S) is by definition a natural extension of

S. Let and . Var-;-c)-and-h-1-:-u-1-?-s, Denote h 12 : U 12 := U 1 × S U 2 ? S and p 112 : U 1 × S U 2 ? U 1

, ) are usu local equivalence by proposition 10, ? since h : U ? S is a smooth morphism, the inclusion ? U/S : h * O S ? ? ? U/S is a quasi-isomorphism, ? since h ? : U T ? T is a smooth morphism

]. ?-[1,-·-·-·-l, S. I-=-?-i?i, and S. , S I ?? S the open embedding. Let i i : S i ??S i closed embeddings

M. Then and N. Da-c,

?. T-(f-f-dr-s,an and N. )-:-f-f-dr-s,an-(m-)-?-l-os-f-f-dr-s,

. ?-?-f-f-dr-s,an-(m-?-n,

N. S-i-=-?-i?i-s-i-and-j-i-:-s-i-??-s-the-open-embedding-;-m, F. Da(s)-and, and G. , Let i i : S i ??S i closed embeddings, withS i ? SmVar(C), ) sm /S)

F. Gm-s, (. Ld-s-m-)-?-l-os-f-gm-s, and (. Ld-s-n,

T. , A. , ?. Ldsm, and . Ldsn-),

T. , A. , and F. F-dr-s,

. /-/-f-f-dr-s,an-(m-)-?-l-os-f-f-dr-s,

?. T-(f-f-dr-s,an and N. Gm-s,an-(d-s-l(m-?-n,

T. , A. , and F. F-dr-s,

. /-/-f-f-dr-s,an-(m-?-n,

S. Os, AnSp(C) sm /S an )

. Then and . Da-c-;-f-f-dr, T an )) ? D D(1,0)f il,? (T an /(Y an × S an I )), see definition 122 and definition 143 commutes g * mod Hdg, the following diagram in ? T (D(M HM

M. Bti, we define the Betti realization functor as

S. Re, S cw ) * Cw * S M = e(S cw ) * sing I * Cw et)(F )

, For the Corti-Hanamura weight structure on DA ? (S), we have by functoriality of (i) the functor

*. An, *. Cw, and . Trivially, Note that, by considering the explicit D 1 S local model for presheaves on AnSp(C) sm /S an

D. , S an ) ; by considering the explicit I 1 S local model for presheaves on CW sm /S cw

D. ,

T. T-?-s-a-morphism and S. Var, Definition 153, We have, for M ? DA(S), (F, W ) ? C f il (Var(C) sm /S) such that (M, W ) = D(A 1 , et)(F, W ), and an equivalence (A 1 , et) local e : f * (F, W ) ? (F ? , W ) with (F ? , W ) ? C f il (Var(C) sm /S) such that (f * M, W ) = D

B. T-(f,

S. and W. ,

. ?-?-dr,

?. S-*-e-usu-(?-?,

*. Hom-;-an, *. Ld-s-l(f, and W. ,

. ?-?-dr,

S. and W. ,

W. S-*-l?-s-*-?-s-*-r-(x-*-,d-*-)/s-(?-*-s-l(f,

, AnS *

D. S-*-l?-s-*-?-s-*-r-(x-*,

. ?-?-dr,

, C f il (Var(C) sm /S) is such that (M, W ) = D(A 1 , et)(F, W )

, S )) is the isomorphism of theorem 23

?. S-*-e-usu-(?-?,

?. and W. , Gr 12

D. S-*-l?-s-*-?-s-*-r-(x-*, W ))) ? q is an equivalence (A 1 , et) local by lemma 5

F. ?-t-(an and . Dr-s, M ) : (F DR S (M )) an ? ? ? F DR S,an (M ) is an isomorphism by theorem 41

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