The HAL portal of the Université Paris 8 is an open archive which aims at filing and consulting the publications (articles that may or may not have been published, chapters taken from books, symposium proceedings, thesis, seminar transcriptions, etc.) of the researchers associated to the Université Paris 8. Its goals are :

  • to increase the visibility and the accessibility of the publications of the Université Paris 8 ;
  • to ensure the archiving of the filled documents ;
  • to offer to the researchers the possibility of establishing checklists of their publications and of creating their website.

You are consulting this archive. Please note that you have to respect the intellectual rights of the authors, especially by indicating distinctly the references of any document taken from the HAL portal of the Université Paris 8 when you quote it. In order to locate any document that you may need, you can :

  • search manually this database (by filling the text field located at the top of this screen, or by using the "Search" tab) ;
  • use the "Browse" tab. You will then be able to choose between several search options, among which the research "by collection". Created by the administrators of this portal, those collections assemble documents through the laboratory of their authors, through academic fields, through an author, but also through any transverse thematic.

You are a researcher associated to the Université Paris 8 and you are about to file a document. We draw your attention to the following points :

  • each and every filing is final, withdrawing a document won’t be possible once it has been filed ;
  • should a document be a collaborative work, you will have to obtain the permission of your co-authors before proceeding to the filing ;
  • mind the referencing of your filings, and be especially careful to mention properly the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis ;
  • respect the policy of the publishers. If your filing has already been published and unless you have assigned your rights for digital reproduction, you are free to file an author’s version (which will differ in some ways – final corrections, pagination, page layout, etc. – of the one that has been commercially published). Many publishers allow with or without any condition the filing in an open archive of a text that they have published. Refer yourself to the websites Héloïse or RoMEO (cf. the "links" section, located on the right of this screen) if you want to get details about the policy of the different publishers.
You would like to obtain some information about the HAL portal of the Université Paris 8 ? You need help in order to reference and file your publications ? Send an e-mail to hal.bu[at] or to colin.rameaux02[at] You can also refer yourself to the following tutorials (in french) : S’inscrire and Déposer.

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